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Goal of this careers portal is to provide relyable information to everyone interested in collaboration with an individual member also registered with Family Building, or a group of our members. Recapitulating this said, the careers portal does not represent a human recruitment agency for its candidates, but aims at updating the human resources available at Family Building and to act as a communication port for proposals.

Showroom performance culture

The existing diversity of members after 2015, from volunteers to secretaries of the private limited company, that are listed in the top panel, have worked with Family Building for a longer period of time, their portfolios are displayed for speculative job and project collaboration offers directed to these individuals in direct correspondence, Family Building Ltd takes no liability for the accuracy of the displayed show case information but works at its best to reach this requirement when and where possible.

Candidate portal

Second to offering the random reader the opportunity to gather up to date information about the nature of this company and its registered and collaborative model members, it also offers additional opportunities to individuals that candidate on working with Family Building here, such as voluntary assistants and student project team members.

Student learning experience

Every career progression of every workgroup participant, voluntary assistant, co worker, student project member, secretary, is chaperoned by a training course, the more improved the service the more formal the coursework provided. Every person living, studying and working with Family Building participates in such a tailored training scheme, on loss of username and password contact the management directly. As of the mission of the business this training is not available to non participants of the practical and in person work groups. Weekly or project related training booklets, project revisions and progress reports should be mastered by each participant as these are essential for efficient and sustainable personal development. All leavers are encouraged to obtain a certification to redound to their further deployment. Public records are kept until this member requests deletion in writing directly to the Family Building management.


Another section of this careers portal is the students membership profile, that every student may log in to anytime from the beginning of registering with Family Building to the final download of all relevant references required for future personal and career development. This backoffice has been moved to form part of the training platform now.

Humane profiling

Short term volunteers and other temporary staff are given personal profile pages to represent them before their and our clients and customers, the duration of such display until these disapprove their interest in writing, all display options are detached of any point system whatsoever.


All form handling for student participation with Family Building as a team member is conducted through the Expression of Interest pages. Volunteering, Project and Job offers are not advertised on this careers portal, but on our main UK internet site. We are currently considering one  letter of application per week for any posting as contemplable. Further to project collaboration in any of its exercise, all other enrollees are also to use this portal, such as travelling German students looking to gain experience in harvest work, special interest UK campaign nominees, pre appointed and by word of mouth 'table guests'.

{end of careers portal introduction, Bristol 09/03/2016}